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We are focused on growing our presence across the Energy Value Chain; our strategy is to continue developing our position in the African Region by offering efficient and reliable services in the provision of fuel supplies. We believe that by complimenting our fuel trading business with other sectors we are involved in, the HARPS brand will continue to grow  and in so doing build a worldwide reputation of being able to offer clients working with or within Africa first class services in the downstream, midstream and upstream sectors.

From the outset, we identified that aside from the overwhelming demand for regular and reliable Petroleum supplies there was a need for other oil services as well as efficient storage, distribution and financial methods that had been previously overlooked or underdeveloped in the African Energy and Trades Markets.

We have chosen to lay emphasis on our overall trade volume which has a direct bearing on our unit cost as well as profits.

We believe that the effective use of infrastructure such as marine assets and land storage further reduces the costs commonly associated with trading products in the African Region. Our involvement in the Upstream space is geared towards a preference for producing assets which allow us take advantage of our value chain strength.